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Custom Birth Details Ply Banner


Handmade plywood banner, hand printed in your choice of colour, design and custom name/wording.

Only available in Regular size.

Please be aware that this product is made to order. Please see here for current turnaround times.

See below for full product description.

Colour *

Choose your ink colour

Design *

Choose your custom banner design

Name/s *

Child’s Name/s

Date *

Child’s birth date (Date, Month, Year)

Time *

Child’s time of birth

Weight *

Child’s birth weight

Length *

Child’s birth length

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All our banners are handmade from scratch using beautiful timber ply, purchased locally. We hand print each and every banner using eco-friendly inks in your choice of colour. Lastly, the banners are hung using natural jute twine.

Due to its handmade nature, the resulting product is imperfect and unique, just like each of us. We strive for quality and do our best to make sure the end product is of a high standard, however no two turn out exactly the same so please be mindful of this when making your purchase.

The ply has a natural grain and colour that varies from piece to piece, and therefore may differ slightly from product shown in images. We love this at it gives each banner unique characteristics, however please be mindful of this when placing an order.

Printed inks may appear textured on close inspection. Please be aware that this does not affect the appearance of the banner when hanging, and is not a fault.

Due to our method of production, the back of the banner may contain chips. Please be aware that this does not affect the appearance of the banner when hanging, and is not a fault.

Please leave the following information in the boxes provided:

Name/s: Banner will be printed in proportion to amount of names. For example, if you provide a first name, three middle names, and a last name, the writing will be a lot smaller than just a first and middle name.

Date: Date will be written in the following format: Date Month Year (e.g. 18th January 2016). Please include each of these details.

Time: Please specify whether it is am or pm, unless you would like 24-hour time, in which case please specify. Time will be written in the form you write (for example: 2:46am as opposed to 2.46am). If no form is given, we will use the following form: 2.46am

Weight: In g, kg, or lb. If you do lb, please be specific (for example: if you write “8.5lb” we will assume this means “8lb, 8oz” not “8lb, 5oz”. To save confusion, please just write in the form of “Xlb, Xoz” unless you really want it in decimal form, in which case please specify that.

Length: Please specify which measuring system you are using, otherwise we will assume it is in cm.

Please be aware that we cannot print birth details onto ‘small’ banners as the writing is too small.

Please note that the block design is not available for this product.


Regular: 28cm x 36cm

Care Instructions

Please hang banner away from moisture and extreme temperature changes, as the plywood may warp/bow.

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