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01 Jun Our Rhythm

A few weeks ago I was really struggling. I was having more hard days than not, and the hard weeks were stacking up behind me as I trudged through life. I was feeling stressed, drained, tired...

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24 May Finding the Rhythm: Food

So here we are at the last topic of my Finding the Rhythm series. Funnily enough, as I begin writing this post here I am sitting at the computer (with two sleeping babies) eating a piece of homemade banana bread while my tomato sauce bubbles...

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16 May Your Capable Toddler

I was looking back through my Pinterest boards the other day, and saw all the pins I had saved of ideas for playing with your baby/toddler, sensory and craft activities, and so on. Most of them were pinned while I was pregnant with my first,...

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03 Nov Advent

You know when you've been sick for a little while and then one day you realise that you no longer have a razor blade in your throat when you wake up, and you now have a new lease on life and find motivation for all...

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01 Jan Finding The Rhythm

What a year it's been. We welcomed our first child into the world in March and life has never been the same since. I considered myself fairly prepared before having a baby. I've always loved kids, and had a reasonable amount of experience caring for...

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