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29 Mar Super Simple Homemade Ice-Cream

I kinda made up this recipe a little while ago, so I thought I would share it with you all here because it is so simple and doesn’t require any fancy machines or ingredients.

First up, gather your ingredients and supplies…



2 x 600mL thickened cream (not long life)
2 x tins of condensed milk
Ingredients to make your desired flavour (I made coffee flavour and cookies and cream, so I used coffee syrup and oreos)


Some sort of whisk/beater (I used an electric handheld beater, but you can use whatever you prefer to whip the cream)
Mixing bowl
Ice-cream containers (I purchased mine online, here)

With these ingredients you can make 3 x 1L portions of ice-cream, so you can do three different flavours if you want (I did 1 x coffee and 2 x cookies and cream) or just use different sized containers, but in total it will make about 3L of ice-cream.

Alright, let’s get to the method…


Tip your cream and condensed milk into your mixing bowl (if you are doing three different flavours, you can either tip in 1/3 of each ingredient at a time, or do it all at once and split it into thirds later).


Now whip it; whip it real good. But don’t turn it into butter. Just whip it until it’s nice and thick.

Add your desired ingredient to make your flavours, and stir it all together so that it is evenly spread throughout mixture.



Put mixture into container/s and pop into the freezer. Mine froze in about half a day, but it will depend on your container, freezer, portion sizing, etc.



Once frozen, serve and enjoy.

And there you go. Told you it was simple. And reasonably priced too, coming in at around $11 for 3L of fancy ice-cream.


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